Level III of The Singing Violin introduces flatted notes, begining with accidentals, and major and minor keys to four flats and five sharps. The musical selections, with greater emphasis on Romantic literature, include major-minor relationships, modulations, chromatics, enharmonic notes and fingerings, half position, simple double stops, turns, and cadenzas. Included also are compound meters and hemiola rhythms. The accompanying “preps,” as they prepare the student for the associated repertory, develop precision of intonation, speed and strength in the left hand, and flexibility in the bow arm. The introduction of vibrato adds an important new dimension to the continuing growth of the singing tone quality.

Partial Contents:

Tuning theViolin
Extending the First Finger
Entr'act from Rosamunde Franz Schubert
The Key of C MAJOR
"Molly Malone" Irish folk song
Playing B
"Ave Maria" Bach-Gounod
The Key of F Major
"Minuet" Leopold Mozart
The Key of D Minor
Songs of Israel Traditional
The Cadenza
"Jeannie with the Light Brown Hair" Stephen Foster